Teachers | Mae Collard School of Music


Mae Collard

Principal and Voice/Piano Tutor

Mae is the Principal of the Mae Collard School of Music. She is a skilled teacher of voice and piano and has been the lead vocalist of many jazz groups throughout her career. Mae has extensive experience teaching both adults and children in private tuition settings and various schools, including the teaching of VCE Music (classroom and private voice tuition). She has facilitated many choirs throughout her career, as well as taken on the role of Musical Director for a number of productions.

Highly qualified, Mae holds a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Jazz Voice - Monash University), Bachelor of Performance Arts (Monash University), Postgraduate Diploma of Teaching (Melbourne University), Estill Voice Training Certificate for Levels 1 and 2, has a current registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching and a current Working with Children Check.

Stewart Garrett

Manager, Piano, Guitar, Voice, Drums and Double Bass Tutor

Stewart Garrett is a highly accomplished musician that has worked with theatre groups and school groups as a Music Teacher, Education Support and Production Musical Director. A highlight of Stewart's career was training under Jonathon Welsh at the School of Hard Knocks.

Stewart is an experienced music teacher in education, specifically in Special Education focusing on levels prep to year 12 and early childhood years.

Tahlia Makunde

Tahlia Makunde smiling with a microphone

Head of Piano, Specalist Piano Tutor and Voice Tutor

Tahlia is a graduate of the Australian National University School of Music with a degree in vocal performance majoring in jazz/contemporary and has completed her honours year at the Melbourne Conservatory of Music. She also holds a current Working with Children Check. 

She has been performing around Canberra and interstate in choirs, bands, and as a soloist since the age of seven. Tahlia has completed her Grade 7 AMEB Classical Piano examination and is an experienced and specialised Piano Tutor and Pianist. 

Tahlia has been teaching voice and piano since the commencement of her degree in 2014 and is passionate about theory games, and enabling her students to reach their full potential as musicians through a thorough understanding of their instrument.

Tegan Joiner

Head of Voice, Piano and Voice Tutor, Children's Choir Director

Tegan has completed a Bachelor of Music Degree at Monash University, specialising in contemporary vocal and performance. An experienced performer and songwriter, Tegan developed a passion for music at a young age and enjoys exploring a diverse range of genres from music theatre and pop/rock to jazz.
With a focus on Estill vocal training, vocal health and increasing students musical capabilities, Tegan has the capacity to support individuals through their musical journey and guide them through arising challenges. She strives to provide a fun and positive learning environment and assist students in achieving their desired goals.
Tegan is a motivating and skilled teacher able to take her students to the next level by instilling optimal vocal technique, fundamental piano instruction, efficient practice regimes and developing performance confidence. Having a deep love for music and expression, Tegan looks forward to the opportunity to share her skills with new, evolving musicians. She also holds a current Working with Children Check. 

Gemma Robinson

Piano & Voice Tutor

Gemma is a vocalist, producer, recording artist and performer, and has recently completed a Bachelor of Music (composition) at JMC Academy. Gemma also holds a Diploma in Counselling and as a result is a very empathetic and understanding music teacher and can cater lessons to each student's individual needs and learning styles. She also holds a current Working with Children Check. 

Gemma has been working professionally in the music industry for over 15 years as a vocalist, producer, recording artist and performer. Gemma is currently signed to Urband & Lazar/Kobalt publishing, and she has developed unsigned and signed artists with industry professionals.

Ben Bahlen

Guitar & Bass Tutor

Ben has completed his Bachelor of Music degree at Melbourne Polytechnic, and is currently undertaking a Master of Teaching degree at the University of Melbourne. He also holds a current Working with Children Check. 

Ben is an experienced teacher, guitarist & bassist, performing and composing in a range of genres and settings, from Jazz and Contemporary to Balinese Gamelan.  Ben is an experienced jazz musician performing in various jazz trios and quartets in the Melbourne music scene, both as a guitarist and bassist.

In Ben’s career as an instrumental music teacher he has fostered a passion for education, teaching various students and designing lessons for the individual learner, understanding each student brings their unique strengths and challenges to the lesson.

Through his lessons, Ben aims to assist students in meeting their goals whilst also cultivating a positive and enjoyable learning environment. He takes a student-centered approach to teaching and uses evidence-based pedagogy, ensuring that the interests and learning needs of the student are first and foremost. 

Ethan McAlister

Guitar, Ukulele & Drum Tutor

Ethan is a sound artist, songwriter, guitarist and recording engineer from Canberra/Ngunnawal Country.

Ethan initially studied performance and then composition at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne from 2014 to 2016. He then returned to Canberra to complete his Honours year at the ANU School of Music under the supervision of now Head of School Kim Cunio, focusing on composition using a mixture of experimental and minimalist techniques, culminating in releasing his work ‘An experiment: Indeterminacy in the interaction of empty branches' on Bandcamp. He has continued this practise within collaborative and improvisational group ‘duo de luto’ with Chayla Ueckert-Smith and in various contemporary classical/experimental contexts.

As a burgeoning recording engineer, he has recorded, mixed and mastered both songs released by NORA, ‘Boots (Live Session)’ released by Gia Ransome, and is currently tracking Gia Ransome’s upcoming single ‘Boots’ as well as NORA’s upcoming debut EP.

As an educator, Ethan has worked as the Director of Ensembles at Radford College and a guitar tutor both at Radford and Canberra Girls Grammar School. He has taught students of all levels including AMEB Classical Guitar and Rockschool Exams. He also mentors emerging songwriters through the ANU Open School of Music within Sophie Edward’s songwriting class. He also holds a current Working with Children Check. 

Andrew Consolino

Guitar and Piano Tutor

Andrew Consolino has completed a Bachelor of Music Composition at Box Hill Institute. His focus throughout his degree was on the art of creating music for multimedia, songwriting and studying the foundations of piano and composition alongside his major in Guitar Performance and technique. Andrew’s music career has included composing and recording a number of musical works, including three separate film projects. 

Andrew has many years of music tutoring experience teaching both Guitar and Piano, exploring various genres of music with his students from Progressive Rock to Contemporary Jazz and Pop, as well as Avant-Garde and Experimental styles. Andrew’s vast musical background and interest in exploring many styles of music in composition and jazz performance has lead to an open-minded approach within his teaching style, encouraging each student to focus on their individual needs and goals whether it be performance, technique or composition exploration. Andrew is influenced and inspires his students through various mediums drawing from Performing, Music and Piano; Audio Production, and Film Scoring as well as Studio experience; including knowledge of recording equipment and microphone setups.

As an educator, Andrew has taught students of all ages and levels of experience and developed a fundamental focus on each individual student’s needs and ambitions. Andrew is a dedicated tutor to all of his students and believes in learning music while maintaining an enjoyable learning environment. He also holds a current Working with Children Check. 

Mary Hampton

Piano and Voice Tutor

Mary Hampton is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne specialising in Music studies.  Her musical focus in her degree is the study of subjects such as ‘Music, Learning and Popular Musicians’, ‘Pop Song Writing’ and ‘World Music Choir’. Mary is enjoying expanding her love of music throughout her degree bringing her influences and learning to her music teaching as a knowledgable and dedicateed piano and singing teacher. 

Throughout Mary’s musical education Mary has been a dedicated and passionate member of recitals, bands, choirs and musical theatre productions. She is also a professional vocalist performing at events such as the Belgrave’s “Big Dreams” market. Mary has achieved a knowledgeable background in music theory and piano practice, having completed her Grade 6 AMEB Piano Examination. She holds certificates IV in both VET and VCE Music industry (Performance) specialising in Voice. She also holds a current Working with Children Check. Mary has performed and studied in many genres, including pop, jazz and music theatre. 

Mary is grateful for the opportunity to share the joy of musical expression with her students as well as her vast knowledge of piano and vocal techniques. Mary is an encouraging and caring music teacher striving to help her students improve their musicianship in a positive, supportive environment.