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Mae Collard School of Music

Welcome to the Mae Collard School of Music in beautiful Ferntree Gully. Our music tuition programs nurture a love and enjoyment of music, connection and a sense of community for all ages. Individual lessons are designed to suit diverse age groups, abilities and levels of experience, from beginner through to advanced. Our school offers high quality, joy-filled lessons with experienced and encouraging staff. We teach with passion, kindness and genuine care for the progress of our students, their vocal health and musical appreciation. If you or your child are seeking tailored one-on-one music lessons that offer variety, enjoyment and individualisation, we’d love to meet you. Whatever your music goals - performing to an audience, music exams, or simply having fun - our team looks forward to welcoming you and nurturing you on your musical learning journey.
  • alicia concert piano
  • guitar mid year concert
  • teacher student concert
  • A Supportive environment
  • Lessons tailored to each child
  • Creating confidence
  • Girl singing into microphone with big smile - Engaging and fun
  • Voice training and technique
  • Estill voice training
  • Building new skills

All lessons at the Mae Collard School of Music are taught by qualified, caring, professional and enthusiastic staff. Lessons are available in voice, piano, drum, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele and music theory, with performance opportunities provided for all students, helping them to work towards their unique goals. We also help students prepare for AMEB* music exams, VCE Music exams and auditions. Of course, there's no pressure to perform. If you are looking to learn music for sheer enjoyment, you're in the right place.

We provide high quality vocal lessons, and our students have the unique advantage of working with influence from the voice training method Estill**. This helps them gain insight on how the voice works and teaches them to sing with ease and maintain good vocal health. Microphone technique is also included, to further enhance performance technique.

Our inclusive children’s music lessons are dynamic, educational and provide variety. Lessons are tailored to suit diverse learning styles, and individual needs and goals. Young students benefit significantly from these nurturing and engaging lessons, and learn to appreciate the joy of music within a dynamic musical community.

*AMEB: Australian Music Examinations Board. AMEB is Australia's leading provider of examinations for music, speech and drama.

**Estill Voice Training is a system that promotes good vocal health and ensures clarity, singing ease and removes vocal strain.

Our Programs

For young children:

  • Individual and engaging piano, music theory and vocal lessons for children (4 years and over) 
  • With young children, we offer engaging music appreciation lessons where students explore music theory, rhythm, piano and singing. 

For older children and young adults:

  • AMEB or Bastien piano lessons
  • AMEB vocal lessons
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Bass Guitar Lessons
  • Ukulele Lessons
  • Drum Lessons
  • Songwriting Lessons
  • Vocal lessons specialising in jazz, music theatre and pop voice with influence from the voice training method Estill
  • Vocal lessons focusing on performance, audition or exam preparation
  • Vocal lessons for VCE voice students
  • Children's Choir

For adults:

  • Vocal lessons (beginner to advanced, specialising in jazz, music theatre and pop voice, with influence from the voice training method Estill) with performance and exam options or lessons simply for the fun of learning!
  • Piano lessons (including music theory)
  • Guitar lessons (including music theory)
  • Bass Guitar lessons
  • Ukulele lessons
  • Drum lessons
  • Songwriting lessons
  • Women's Choir - choral sessions combining vocal training, socialising, relaxation and meditation

In person and online lessons available.