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Student Absentee Information and Form

Please complete the form below to notify us of a student's absence from lessons or to request an online lesson. 

As per our Terms and Conditions:

3. Students may reschedule two lessons per term if 24 hours' notice is given (at the teacher’s earliest convenience). 24 hours notice is required if unable to attend a lesson. Missed lessons without notice cannot be credited. In the event of a re-scheduled lesson being cancelled by the student, this lesson will be forfeited. If the student cannot attend at an offered time for re-scheduled lessons before the end of term, the lesson will be forfeited. To notify of your absence, complete our online absentee form found on our website:

4. Re-scheduled lessons cannot be carried into the following term, and must be made-up in the same term that they are missed; otherwise they will be forfeited.

5. Missed choir sessions cannot be made up or carried over to the next term.

6. If a student is unwell, we ask that you opt for an online lesson and not attend the lesson in person. To opt for an online lesson, select "Request Online Lesson" when completing an Absentee Form on our website. 

7. Online lessons with technical issues will be forfeited. 

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